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Green Easter Baskets

My son is almost 5 and a half, and every year I have a blast putting his Easter basket together.  It's easy to fall into the trap of getting lots of cheap candy, plastic goodies from CVS, and stuffing the basket with Easter grass, but there are many tips for making an Easter basket just a little bit greener:

1.  Skip the Peeps and make some homemade goodies!

2.  Forget about Easter grass.  You don't need it.  We usually just skip it entirely, but some alternatives are shredded newspaper or some green yarn.

3.  Don't buy cheap plastic Easter tchotkes.  Instead, think of things that your children will enjoy over and over again.  A t-shirt, a book, a reusable water bottle, or some little wooden toys.   You can't go wrong with Melissa and Doug!   Ikea also has cute wooden cars and trucks.  

4.  Reuse the same Easter basket every year.  There's no need to buy a new one every 12 months, considering how little wear and tear there usually is.  

5.  Include some non-candy snacks.  We love freeze-dried fruit, especially from Trader Joe's!  Their dried mangoes and strawberries are always a big hit.  Yogurt covered raisins also go over very well.  They're sweet like candy but a little more nutritious!  

6  Make some fun homemade gifts, such as:  playdough, homemade bubble solution, or homemade Easter treats!

-- This was originally published on Keen For Gren in 2012.  --