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The Green Empire State Building

Growing up outside of New York City, my sister and I used to always talk about things being "as tall as the Empire State Building."  Nowadays, we can also ask:  "Is this as green as the Empire State Building?"  The Empire State Building recently got a green makeover, and you may be surprised and impressed by how green it has become.  While things were seldom as tall as the Empire State Building, we can strive to be as green.  

empire state building gone green

Here are 10 quick facts about the eco-friendly upgrades --

1.  The upgrade is estimated to reduce the building's energy costs by a whopping $4.4 billion a year.  Wow!

2.  The project created 252 jobs.  In Newsweek, President Bill Clinton used the Empire State Building project as an example of how green retrofits can help the economy.  

3.  Extra insulation behind the radiators was installed.  This helps keep heat from getting out and heats rooms more efficiently.

4.  The electric chiller plant was rebuilt in order to better the building's energy efficiency.  

5.  Insulation was improved by refurbishing the building's windows.  This was over 6,000 windows!

6.  Various room sensors were installed for things such as lighting and cooling.  This alone is estimated to save over $1.5 million in cost savings.  

7.  In a deal made with Green Mountain Energy, the Empire State Building will buy 55 million kilowatt hours worth of renewable energy certificates annually.  That is enough to cover the building's yearly electricity use and it will prevent 100 MILLION pounds of carbon dioxide emissions!

8.  Otis Elevator Company will be modernizing the building's elevators.  The elevator upgrades will help cut down on energy consumption.   

9.  There is a web-based system for tenants to keep them abreast of their energy consumption.  

10.  The Empire State Building is on track to receive LEED Gold certification.  

Read more about the Empire State Building's sustainability efforts here -- isn't it great to see the Empire State Building in a GREEN state of mind?