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Green Flea Remedies for Pets

Poor Fido is scratching away, and you know you need to do something to get rid of his fleas.  But, do you want to put poison on man's best friend?  Probably not.  The hazards of traditional flea and tick products are really startling.

Luckily, there are some non-toxic and green alternatives to flea control.

Neem:  Neem is a tree native to India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Pakistan.  It's used for medical purposes so commonly in India that some of its nicknames are "Heal All" and "Nature's Drugstore." You can buy pet shampoos and oils made of neem and it will not only kill and repel fleas, but it will help soothe your pet's skin which is likely irritated by all of the scratching!
Shampoo:  Shampoo your pup with a mild organic soap or shampoo to drown fleas.  If you rinse with lemon afterwards, it can repel fleas.  Citrus oil will also repel fleas, but it's NOT safe for use on cats, only on dogs!

Borax:  If you've got fleas in your carpet, sprinkle some Borax and then vacuum.  While Borax is NOT non-toxic, it's safer than many alternatives.  However, because of its toxicity, put on a mask, open some windows, and get the kids and pets out of the room while you treat your carpet.

Nematodes:  Once you're rid of the fleas, keep them out by placing nematodes around the outside of your house.  Nematodes are tiny worms that will eat flea larvae.  You can buy nematodes at Gardens Alive!  (Have I mentioned that I love Gardens Alive!?) 

A word of caution:If you're buying flea remedies at your pet store or online, read the labels.  Just because something says it's all natural or non-toxic does not mean it's so.  Those are two terms that are not regulated, so read the ingredients list.  If there's anything on it that you're unsure of, Google it before buying.