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Green Halloween Celebrations at Local Zoos & Aquariums

green halloween

Even though Halloween is still over a month away, with the local stores displaying Halloween merchandise since August, it's hard not for me to get into the mindset.  I love autumn, I love candy, and I love spooky stuff.

If you're looking for a way for your kids to do something fun, Halloweenish, and green, check out  Many local zoos and aquariums across the country are participating.  

I found out about it at my recent trip to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.  Instead of the common junk food, the zoos and aquariums will have more sustainable alternatives.  There will be eco-friendly (or EEK-o-friendly, as the website cleverly calls it!) crafts to do, too!  Most zoos and aquariums also do a lot for conservation, so you'll be supporting some excellent animal-related causes.  

In the spirit (Ha ha, get it?  Bad pun intended!) of a keen and green Halloween, don't forget that National Halloween Costume Swap Day is around the corner (October 9!) and check out my post from last fall that included green Halloween tips!