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Green Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Stay away from the hassle of waiting in a long queue just to buy Halloween costume for your kids. Instead of spending money on those ready to wear costumes, why not make your very own? Costumes do not have to be expensive. Most kids just want to wear a unique costume for the trick or treat. Thus, they do not really mind if their costume is pricey or cheap.


Image from Creative Commons

Halloween costumes made from recycled materials would be perfect options to create a distinct kind of outfit for your kids this season. These green costumes will not only make your kids’ trick or treat experience more fun, at the same time you are helping minimize the harmful substance damaging the planet. Do you want to start crafting the costume?

Here are few Halloween costume ideas for your little ones.

Fairy Costume from Plastic Bags and Old Stockings

Many little girls fantasize to become fairies. That is why there are lots of little girls dressed up like fairy during Halloween. Make your own fairy costume at home. Don’t fret. Crafting the costume does not require impressive skills. All you need is a little time and of course, the materials. The materials needed include recycled plastic bags, used stockings, soft wire and belt.

Form the soft wire into a fairy wing. Soft wire is easier to bend and twist; thus, it is not really that complicated. Once the wing frame is done, cover it with old stockings towards the center. Secure the stockings at the center so they will not loosen up. Embellish the wings with glitters or any glittery stuff you want. Use another stocking to tie the wing into the shoulder.

For the tutu of the fairy, collect plastic bags (uni color or different colors). Cut the handles of the plastic bags as well as the sides. After cutting these parts, the bags will become longer as you open them. Find the center of the bags and tie them into the belt. Make sure the bags are very close to each other for a fuller appearance.

Samurai Armor from Cardboard Boxes

Japanese samurai has gained much attention when it comes to costume exhibits. For your little boys, this costume might be a good choice for the Halloween activities. For this costume, you need cardboard boxes, water color, tape and stapler. Patience and creativity are a must for this costume idea.

If you aim to imitate the original form of the samurai armor, you may browse the Internet for the design. Draw the armor into the cardboard including the arms, shoulders, body and the legs. Cut the shapes then peel off the other side of the cardboard to reveal the corrugations. Paint the cardboard with your desired color and let it dry. Once it has dried up, assemble the pieces using stapler and tape. Add some highlights like borders and other embellishments.

There are so many things inside your house that you can turn into an eye-catching Halloween costume. Recycled materials are indeed very useful especially during this time of the year. That is why households are highly encouraged to practice recycling regardless if you are living in a housing community or one of those apartments in Dallas. With green Halloween costume, you kids will surely be very proud to show them off.


Image from Creative Commons