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Green Holiday Gift Guide for KIDS!

eco-friendly toysOne week until Hanukkah and two weeks until Christmas Eve!    Are you still scrambling to think of what to get for the children in your family?  Scramble no more.  I am here to help you.

We live in a world of plentiful, plastic toys.  And don't get me wrong - I'm not adverse to them.  We have a living room filled with Legos and they get hours and hours of use.   But, I am making an effort to cut down on the amount of toys that my 5 year old boy won't use often.  So, I am keeping that in mind while doing my holiday shopping this year.  And here's how I'm doing it:

1)  Buy used.

Some of these toys can get really expensive, especially those darn Legos and things like Thomas the Tank Engine.   Check out craigslist, your local consignment store, or join your town's yard sale group on Facebook.  You can even check Freecycle - sometimes people are so desperate to declutter that they're willing to give away perfectly good toys!   This will save you money AND it lengthens the life of these toys.  

2)  Be practical.

I've got a kid who LOVES bath products.  This helps to make gift shopping a breeze because it's useful and I know it won't go to waste.  These make great stocking stuffers!  Some of his favorites include this lotion bar from Good Earth Beauty and the Everyday Shea Bubble Bath.  Foaming hand soap is always a treat - check this yummy smelling one from EO.  

And even though it isn't back-to-school season, maybe your kids' school supplies could use a little upgrade.  TreeSmart pencils are awesome eco-friendly pencils.  Or how about this cool stainless steel food container?

My son also loves to cook, so I've given him cookie mixes and fun cooking supplies.  Think fun measuring cups and spatualas.  

3)  Be educational.

Check out magazine subscriptions.  I love Ranger Rick and all of their proceeds benefit the NWF.  They also have Ranger Rick Junior, for the 4-7 set.

4)  Buy memberships.

Whenever someone doesn't know what to get my son for a present, I let them know that we LOVE memberships.  We live in Boston and have received membership gifts to the Boston Children's Museum, Boston's Museum of Science, Zoo New England, and the Mass Audubon Society.    All of those places strongly support enviornmental and conservation initiatives.   Plus, it gives us fun and educational stuff to do all year.

5)  Be green.

There are tons of eco-friendly toys out there right now.  Earlier this year, I reviewed the fantastic Green Tones Wooden Musical Instruments.  They are REALLY well made and a lot of fun!  Check out Amazon's robust selection of green toys.