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Green MBA Programs in Florida


Tampa MBA

Businesses and Universities in the Sunshine State recognize the importance of Sustainable Practices in Florida's economy.  Businesses that demonstrate social and environmental responsibility are more competitive and often more profitable than those who use traditional business models.  Several universities throughout the the state of Florida offer Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degrees in Green and Sustainable Management.

In DeLand, Florida, Stetson University offers an "Eco-Asset Management" MBA/JD.  This joint MBA/JS produces graduates who highly competitive in the job market because of their versatile skills set and breadth of knowledge.  This multidisciplinary program covers the management, legal, and scientific skill necessary to manage environmetal resources.

The University of South Florida in Tampa has an MBA with specialization in "Building Sustainable Management." USF ascerts that "modern organizations must meet increasing stringent financial, social and environmental goals."  Their MBA program is an in-depth study of management from the perspectives of environmental and natural resource economics, regulatory laws, marketing, finance and organizational studies.

The University of South Florida St. Petersburg now offers an MBA in "Corporate Social Responsibility." This degree "develop(s) a students' understanding of ethical management, marketing and decision-making."  The program consists of an economic analysis of business’ and governments' approaches toward environmental issues and the ethical, equity and efficiency of these practices.

Happy Studying!! (And send me a postcard from Disneyworld when you go! :-) )