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Green New Year's Resolutions

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Can you believe that 2009 is almost over?

Whether you've been a friend of the environment for a long time, or you're just starting to "green" your life, the year end is a good opportunity to think about new ways to go green or to make some resolutions to make your life a little greener.

Here are some green New Year's resolution ideas which are all just little attainable goals which anyone can do...and these itsy bitsy goals can make a larger impact on the environment!

1) Walk! Leave your car in the driveway and walk to your destination. Even if the weather is cold, bundle up and get your boots on.

2) Learn about your city's public transportation options. Take the bus, subway, or train.

3) Buy a bike.

4) Start a garden or join an urban community garden.

5) Learn what your city takes in terms of recycling, and for what they don't take, find alternative ways to dispose of them using

6) Start composting if you have the space, or find out if your city takes compost.

7) Lower the heat and put on an extra sweatshirt around the house.

8) Make your own non-toxic cleaning solutions and detergents.

9) Stock up on reusable shopping bags.

10) Buy cloth napkins and stop using paper ones.

Have a keen and green New Year!!!