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Green Pet Tips

Welcome everyone to another trip across the blogs.  Today we are looking specifically at pets, those furry friends that we all love so much.  We may try to recycle all plastics, eat local and use a canvas bag whenever we go out, but what about our pets?  What are we doing to help make their lifestyles more sustainable and eco-friendly?  Well, today we chose articles that can help you in this evolution (or is is it devolution) into an earth friendly pet.

Green Pet Tips- The Family

How to Go Green: Pets: Planet Green is always a great source of simple greening guides. The pet guide provided is no different. Providing a list of tips, links to articles and green pet products; this pet guide is one of the best places to start the changes in a pets life.

Green Pet Tips- Fun Dog Toys

Great Green Pet: Now, let's highlight one blog that is all about pets. GreatGreenPet is a shopping blog devoted to the green, eco-friendly, pet owner. A cool source to find all those eco-friendly doggy type such as the Tux. The tux is pliable, bouncy, non-toxic, recyclable and buoyant toy including a space for doggy biscuits.

Green Pet Tips

5 Ways To Be a Green Pet Owner: Start With A Recycled Dog Or Cat: A wonderful idea for many would be pet owners. The Fun Guide is pointing out that not only materials are recycled but also our good companions. Next time you need to introduce a feline to your family maybe go to the local shelter or take a cat off someone no longer able to take care of it. Those furballs still have so much love to give.

And today, I am cheating a bit by choosing two articles from a single blog. Green Living Ideas just provided two of the most amazing tips I had to highlight both. 5 Natural Flea Treatments is first with two just brilliant ideas; washing your pet in salt water and adding brewer's yeast to your pets food. Homemade Dog Food Serves Up Natural Nourishment is wonderful article because it provides super easy, natural recipes to feed that pooch you have.