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Green procurement - Connecting sustainability and profitability

Today, customer demand is driving manufacturers and suppliers to become sustainable. Procurement can play a key role in driving the supply-chain towards sustainability. Green procurement refers to acquiring products, services, utilities, and work not based on criteria of price/quality only, but also with considerations of minimizing environmental impacts, of fairness and social justice, and economically viable, now and in the long term.   

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Examples of green procurement range from the purchase of energy-saving lightbulbs to utilizing 'green' office supplies, retrofitting buildings with solar panels or recycled materials. purchasing organic food to be served in cafeterias, replacing vehicle fleet with electric vehicles, and more. The ultimate green procurement is the avoidance of the purchase altogether.Companies that implement sustainability initiatives develop and publish a 'Sustainable Development Procurement Guidelines and Procedures' to their supply-chain.

However, there are varying shades of  Going Green and some of the considerations for the supply chain may be:

  • •    Recycled content
  • •    Bio-based content
  • •    Assessing toxic content (like Mercury in fluorescent lights)
  • •    Energy or water consumption
  • •    Products take-back and actual recycling

As part of their Green and Clean Evening Series, SDForum Organization will present The Modern Green Supply Chain - Marrying Profitability and Sustainability on May 6 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The event will discuss Green procurement. The high-tech industry has put forth significant effort in the last 5-years to define sustainability, its impact on key Information Communication Technology (ICT) industries and the impact on the world economies. Learn how to benefit from the work of EICC and GeSI, the tools for sustainable self-assessment and how sustainability supply chain plans and even audits can make you an ideal business partner. There are numerous opportunities (and challenges) in the rapidly growing field of sustainable supply chains. Speakers from Hewlett-Packard, Procter and Gamble Co., GXS, and Physic Ventures. Moderator - Mitch Zuklie, Orrick

When: May 6, 2010; 6-9 pmWhere: Orrick, 1100 Marsh Road, Menlo Park, CA Registration: click here.More information and speakers bios, check SDForum’s event page.

Events present not only learning opportunities, but also possibilities in meeting sustainability and business leaders, as well as networking with like-minded professionals.