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Green Review: The Illinois Institute of Technology (ITT)

The state of Illinois has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. A state with such beautiful and complex eco-systems requires professionals and businesses with sense of social responsibility to their community. Enter the Illinois Institute of Technology (ITT).  I have reviewed many, many universities for their "greenness" and sustainable practices, and ITT offers some of the most comprehensive programs led by hot-off-the presses research. 

The Illinois Institute of Technology is located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. It offers several interesting and innovative green graduate-level programs: Green MBA's with various concentrations, a joint MBA/Master of Science (MS), a joing MBA/JD, and 3 graduate certificates.

The  MBA programs begin with an array of typical business courses: management, accounting, economics, policy, etc. Then they move into one of two concentrations:"Sustainable Enterprises" or "Environmental Management and Sustainability." The Sustainable Enterprises program epmhasizes the importance of implementing the "Triple Bottom Line" into business plans.  This is the belief that in order to be successful, businesses must examine the impact of their business choices on profit, people, and the planet.  The Environmental Management and Sustainability program also operates on the triple bottom line, but incorporates a greater understanding environmental policy and environmental science. 

The joint MBA/MS in "Environmental Management and Sustainability" is unique in that it combines law/policy, environmental science, and business management to provide specified training to those preparing for the new, green economy. It is one the only green/sustainable MBA programs in the country which has such an in-depth environmental science program.

What I believe to be the most innovative program offered IIT is the joint JD/MS in "Environmental Management and Sustainability." In addition to the curriculum discussed above, graduates of this program will have the knowledge and skills to practice environmental law and deeply understand public policy. This strong background in science, law, and sustainable management makes graduates of the programs incredible versatile in their careers, yet specified in the practice of sustainability. 

In addition to graduate degrees, the Illinois Institute of tech also offers 3 graduate certificates: "Compliance and Pollution Prevention," "Sustainable Enterprises," and "Environmental Management and Sustainability."  These certificates require completion of 3 courses and are designed for working professionals who would like to add a green or sustainable component to their careers.