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Green Review: Mills College, Oakland CA


Mills College Green

Mills College in Oakland California (California's East Bay Area) is totally Keen For Green.  Okay, I admit my bias: I am a proud alumna. And, yes, I said "alumna" not "alumnus," as Mills is a woman's college (well Undergrad, at least).  Mills offers several Bachelors Degrees which prepare women for a career in the green industry.  The first is a BS in Environmental Science which "is an interdisciplinary major focused on the application of scientific principles to the study of human interactions with the natural environment." It's a science degree, so it has a strong emphasis on biology, physics, and the like.  But it also explores the social impact of modern-day environmental causes.  Mills also offers a BA in Environmental Studies, which is essentially the inverse of BS in Environmental Sciences.  It requires a general understanding of the "hard" sciences" but has an overall focus on environmental ethics, public policy, and environmental restoration.

At the graduate level, Mills offers an MBA.  This program is open to both mean and women, but is designed to address the under-representation of women in the business world.  This program "focuses on social entrepreneurship, corporate responsibility, and ethical leadership, increasingly essential for success." The program works in tandem with The Center for Socially Responsible Business to explore ways to improve social conditions while helping the business' bottom line.  The Center's research focuses on the multi-directional relationship between the business world, the social world, and the natural world.