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Green travel toolbox for business, personal and leisure travel

According to a recent study by the Global Business Travel Associating (GBTA) sustainability initiatives are playing an increasingly important aspect in managed travel programs. GBTA surveyed travel managers in the U.S., Europe and Australia in regards to sustainability or 'green' efforts in their companies when it comes to their business travel programs.

In the consumer domain, the interest of the public in ethical consumerism, i.e. the implementation of socially responsible and sustainable products and services, is quickly becoming one of the biggest movements within the consumer marketplace. More consumers are actively seeking out authentic travel experiences. Sixty-one percent of Americans believe their experience is better when their destination preserves its unique natural, historic, and cultural sites. Among them, 54 percent stated they would be more likely to frequent hotels or resorts they knew practiced environmental responsibility practices.

 Such ‘Green’ travel toolbox for business, personal and leisure travelers is TripSketch, a recognized suite of applications in Mobile Green Travel and web-based trip planning tools. TripSketch Corporation has introduced a suite of mobile apps earlier this year, each offering multiple city guides for less than the price of most single city guides ( Building on the success of its award-winning Global Green Book mobile application, TripSketch’s Travel Guides highlight eco-friendly and sustainable attractions, tours, restaurants, hotels, travel services and community social enterprises, but also includes the popular attractions. TripSketch’s Regional Green Travel Guides include Northern Europe, France & Southern Europe, Central Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, US Northeast, US West, US Midwest, US South & US Southwest and are available for the iPhone, Android and Nokia.

The expertly written and curated travel guidebooks download onto the mobile device so that internet access is not required to see the information; or to turn to a GPS to access travel ideas nearby. 

TripSketch Founder and CEO, Lalitha Swart presents the app as your friendly concierge. “If you’re looking for an activity or restaurant and find just one good idea that impacts your trip in a positive way, then the app has done its job,” she says.

Mapping and calendaring tools, and an easy-to-use interface makes it simple and convenient for travelers to determine which travel options best fit their interests, proximity, and itinerary. New activities and cities are periodically added to the guides without additional charge to users.

Recognizing travel’s potential to positively impact social and sustainable projects, the company will donate 20% of all mobile app revenues to select non-profit social and environmental causes highlighted in the Green Guides.  Last but not least, the company expects to crowdsource sustainable travel ideas from users themselves, thereby moving sustainable travel far beyond the frontier of reusing hotel towels!

TripSketch is recognized by the travel industry for its leadership in sustainable travel and was awarded 1st Place in the Eco/Green category by Nokia at its 2010 “Calling all Innovators” Competition for its Green Traveler application. TripSketch’s Global Green Book mobile application won the top award from MobileVillage in 2011, selected as “Superstar” in the Navigation/Travel category, and was awarded “Shining Star” in the Specialty Social Network category, second to Foursquare.