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Green Vacation Tips

Welcome everyone to the wonderful weekend, a time with fun and family free of work (for most anyway).  Today as many of you throughout the northeast, south and west go to your favorite destination to have fun in the sun I wanted to provide some tips on greening these outings.  I hope you enjoy the posts and remember when you are out at that beach, lake or pool.  Be safe, have fun and be green.

Green Tips For Beachgoers: How To Stay Safe And Have Fun: The world famous Huffington Post recently posted four tips on how to green your beach trips this somewhere. One suggestion is green your swimsuit by going in the buff. Yes, this famous liberal bastion is proclaiming skinny dipping as a way to solve global warming and I totally agree. *Wink*

Going Green at the Beach: A really great site that involves a couple, a hundred year old beach house and a “recycled” dog named Skipper. I see your heart melting already. Learn how this old shore side chateau was transformed into a Built Green™ Five-Star, ENERGY STAR® Home, American Lung Association Health House®, a Environments for Living® and a LEED® for Homes Gold certified building. Great little story.

Have a Green Vacation: San Diego, the city known for fun, sun and beaches is asking you to go green when you visit. Yes, those in charge of promotion on the city’s website are advocating bus and trolley transportation to lower green house emissions. I will attest they are easy to take and San Diego is a mighty fine place.

Green vacation

Costa Rica Eco Lodge: Check out some great deals on eco-lodges in Costa Rica, which is a dream of mine. The lodges featured are built to preserve the environment while allowing foreigners to experience the rainforests. If you have the resources, I definitely suggest you give these trips a look.

Eco-Fair Trade

Beach Towels: What can I say other than organic, fair trade beach towels. Nuff’ said.


not sure i'm committed enough

not sure i'm committed enough to go the buff route just yet!


I'm planning a trip to the beach this weekend - these are some great tips (although, I think my bathing suit is staying ON!).  Just another example of how small efforts can go a long way.  Thanks!

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