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Green Ways to Get Rid of Bugs

I don't know what's going on in our house this summer, but bugs can't seem to get enough of it!  From pantry moths that got into our rice to fruit flies hanging around the kitchen...OK, I take the blame for the fruit flies after I accidentally left a bowl of grapes out on the counter overnight.

Get Rid of Ants Green Way, Green Ant Killer

Anyway, there are ways to get rid of pests without using anything toxic, and sometimes without even having to use an exterminator!

Here are some tips!

Green ways to get rid of ants:

Ants hate citrus.  You can use some of those orange cleaning solutions to kill them and spray it at the entry point.  I've done this and it can help with those little guys.

There's a list of over 20 ways to get rid of ants naturally that I can't vouch for, but I'll be certain to try them if we get ants again!

Other things that get repel ants:  bay leaves, cloves, peppermint, vinegar, and cayenne pepper.  A Borax and sugar mixture might also do the trick.

Green ways to get rid of fruit flies:

Make a fruit fly trap for those annoying little flies.  My husband is a fruit fly scientist so he knows exactly how to attract these annoying flies.  Use a cup, some paper, and some tape.  Pour some cheap beer or wine into the cup (we lucked out because someone left behind a bottle of some awful Bud Light Lime at a barbecue we had a few days earlier) and some fruit (we used a very ripe strawberry).  Create a cone with the paper and place it upside down so the flies can go in and tape it on to the cup.  The flies will go in but usually won't come back out!

I've also read that putting some detergent in wine works as well because the flies will die after sipping on it.

You can also make your own fly paper!  Boil water, sugar, and corn syrup together and then spread on pieces of paper shopping bags and wait for the flies to stick.  So long, flies!

And remember how basil repels mosquitoes?  Apparently it does the same for fruit flies!  Maybe it's time to do a little indoor herb garden?

Above all, when it comes to fruit flies, make sure you don't have anything they like lying around.  Keep your sink empty and clean!

Green ways to get rid of pantry moths:

This one can be a little trickier.  First, you have to throw out pretty much all of your dry goods.  Cereal, rice, you name it.  We composted anything we had that was tainted by the moths.   Then we went to the store and got reusable containers to store dry goods in.  We washed and scrubbed all of the cabinets that we had food in.  (Perhaps using a cleaning solution made of  vinegar and baking soda?)

Sometimes these moths will still come back.   You can buy non-toxic pantry moth traps at Gardens Alive! Gardens Alive! is great because their products are eco-friendly!

Still having trouble getting rid of these pests?  Sometimes you need a little help.  There are more and more exterminators going green.


Bud Light for Strawberries

Another tip re: Bud Light.  We planted strawberries last year that we found kept getting eaten by something.  We would find a little hole in each with the middle eaten out.  So my friend, John, a total green thumb, suggested Bud Light!  Use shallow bowls (we used cut out leftover styro food containers and the dishes of plant pots we were not using).  Dig a shallow hole that allows you to put the bowl in at ground level so the bugs can crawl in at ground level.  We put our bowls a few inches away from the strawberries.  Fill the bowl up with the beer almost but not quite to the rim. Apparently, these bugs LOVE the smell of Bud Light.  Next morning, we had bowls full of these slug-looking things.  Thrilled! 

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