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Green Weddings and the Green Bride Guide

Many of us know the frustration and expense that comes with weddings and wish that we could have saved some of that money for later expenses(I sure do, I was married eight months ago and expecting a child in two more months).  Many of us are also concerned with the environmental impact on our consumption at these weddings since so much of the cost is related to one-time items.  In an effort to research this topic I found the wonderful blog, The Green Bride Guide.

The Green Bride Guide is developed by Kate Harrison, an enviormental advocate with a J.D. from Pace Law School.  Harrison states that she made the website and here book The Green Bride Guide after planing for her wedding in 2006-2007.  Information from this experince and further reporting has led to a website complete with informative articles, testimonials of actual green weddings and a store providing products to help green your special day.

One of the things I found most fascinating was the article Save $11,000 + By Going Green on Your Wedding Day.  This article provides helpful hints for those lucky few embarking on a life together including facts such as a local wedding reduces C02 emissions by 500 lbs per guest versus a destination wedding.  Buying a used ring reduces mining waste by 20 tons and skipping disposable accessories, such as cameras, to prevent landfill waste. All these smart green ideas also help you save money that might help feed a child that you ma have in the near future (which can occur within only one month of the marital bliss, let me tell you).


A few other green wedding tips

If you're not getting married in a public transportation accessible place, encourage carpooling among friends and family (or even help guests figure out carpooling!). Forgo those SUV-style limousines and of course those Hummer limos. Have your ceremony and reception in the same location or close to cut down on people's need to drive.

See if you can get your venue to only give straws for drinks upon request.

Either let your bridesmaids pick their own dresses so they can wear them again or encourage them to donate their dresses after the wedding. Bridesmaids dresses can make lovely prom dresses for high school girls who may not be able to otherwise afford them!!

Give favors that people will actually use. How many wedding favors do you have just catching dust in your house? Things that are useful or edible are the best!

And for guests of weddings wanting to keep it eco-friendly, consider gift bags instead of wrapping paper (that way the couple can reuse them) or getting creative and wrapping presents in wrapping paper made of paper shopping bags or newspaper. You can dress them up and make it look snazzy! Find what other guests live nearby and carpool.

A tip about flowers

For our floral decorations, we bought potted flowers.  After the wedding, we got home and planted all of the flowers in our yard!  It was also really nice because now each year that the flowers bloom, we're reminded of our wedding.


I like teal!! Now puke green, that's a different thing all together.


Thanks for the link - this is an awesome site! I am recently married, as well, and found it so difficult to find the resources I needed to keep it green (and I'll be honest, with the bridal blinders on, green was unfortunately not always my top priorities). This website makes it so easy to do. I am at the age where I know LOTS of people getting married. I will make sure to pass along the link. Being conscious of consumption during big events can make such a HUGE impact on the environment!

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