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A Greener Easter Basket

My son is almost 5 and a half, and every year I have a blast putting his Easter basket together.  It's easy to stock up on stuff like plastic eggs, candy, and Easter grass from the drug store, but it's even more fun to think creatively and keep your easter basket Keen AND Green!  

Be practical.  I like to include stuff that my son will really play with, instead of something that will end up broken or in the garbage by the end of the week. Things like a t-shirt, some lightweight spring/summer pajamas, or a reusable water bottle.  I also like to include things to ring in the warmer weather, like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or seed packets.  

Be less wasteful.   Skip the Easter grass.  You don't need it and it makes a mess!    We usually just skip it entirely, but some alternatives are shredded newspaper or some green yarn.  Use the same Easter basket every year.  There's so little wear and tear on it that there's no need to buy a new one every year.  

Be snackable.  I do include some candy in my son's Easter basket, but usually not much.  We still have Halloween candy sitting around!  So, instead I like to throw in my son's favorite snacks.  We love freeze-dried fruit, especially from Trader Joe's!  Their dried mangoes and strawberries are always a big hit.  

Be crafty.   Consider homemade playdoughhomemade bubble solution, or homemade Easter treats!