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A Greener Prom

'Tis the season for poofy dresses, corsages, and limos.  If you're a teen or the parent of a teen hoping to help reduce the impact of going to prom, here are some tips to help!

  • The Dress:  While it's nice to buy a dress by an eco-friendly fashion line, it's not always economically feasible for the average teenager.  If you want to save some money, consider buying vintage.  You can find lots of really cool dresses that way for a low price...and it lowers your carbon footprint!
  • The Corsage and Boutonniere:  Find a florist who uses locally grown and/or organic flowers.  
  • The Transportation:  Forgo the limo!  If the group you're going with really insists on a limo, get as many people who can safely/legally fit to make the best of it.  Get creative with transportation.  Walking is best, obviously, but not always realistic with people in fancy clothes and dress shoes.  Public transit can be fun...think of all of the photo ops being on a city bus decked out in prom clothes!  Carpooling is also a great idea.  Make it fun and festive with some great music and maybe even decorate your car!  Pedicabs can also be a ton of fun if you live in an urban area.
  • Carbon Offsets:  If you're still taking car or even a limo, purchase carbon offsets at
  • Makeup:  Go eco-friendly!  Check out some reviews of green makeup products from BellaSugar.  Do your own makeup or get together with friends before the prom to help each other out.  Get some eco-friendly nail polish, like SPAritual, and have a makeover blast!
  • After Prom:  Consider hanging out locally, like at your house or your friends homes post-prom.  Stock up on organic snacks and have fun chatting and gossiping!  If people are still thinking hotel, check out the Green Hotels Association.  
  • Planning:   If you're on your prom committee, visit to help plan a green prom.