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The Greener Way to Keep your Home Mold-Free

Molds are nature’s little helpers, and are considered part of the natural environment. However, you wouldn’t really want to share your home with them, as they tend to not only break down the things on which surfaces they grow on, they can also cause health problems. Most people employ harsh methods of removing mold and spores from inside their houses, but rather than using bleach or borax which could affect pets or the environment, there are other natural and eco-friendly ways to kill mold at home. 


1. Vinegar

Studies have shown that vinegar can actually kill not just mold spores, but also viruses and bacteria. For utmost effectivity, dilute vinegar with water, pour it into a bottle, and spray directly onto the mold growth. Scrub the mold off with a brush after leaving the vinegar-water mixture on for a few hours, and you can say goodbye to molds. Vinegar can also prevent mold, just spray it on the intended surfaces and leave it to dry.


2. Tea Tree Oil

Two teaspoons of this oil can be mixed with two cups of water that can then be sprayed onto mold spores. There’s no rinsing involved, though. Tea tree oil can be more expensive that other eco-friendly remedies for mold, but it’s very effective. 


3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural and very mild disinfectant, and is very effective in removing mold. Just dissolve it into water, or a water and vinegar solution, and spray the mixture directly onto the mold surface and let it sit. Afterwards, scrub and wipe it down with a damp cloth. The result is a mold removal method that leaves no strong scent behind, unlike tea tree oil and vinegar.


4. Citrus Seed Extract

Dilute around 20 drops of citrus seed extract with two cups of water, and spray this onto the mold - but do not rinse. The good thing about this extract is that it does not have an odor, unlike tea tree oil and vinegar.


Mold needs moisture to grow, so the best way to prevent mold growth is by wiping down wet and damp surfaces frequently, installing a cool mist humidifier, (you can check out different filter sizes by FilterBuy) and being extra vigilant when it comes to leaks. Mold inside the house is not as natural as they are outdoors.