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Greenify Your Resume: Green Certificate Programs in Your Field

If your trying to spruce up your resume in order to work your way into the "Green" job market, one of the simplest things you can do is to obtain a certificate in your focus area.  This is less time- and money-intensive than a Bachelors or Masters degree (certificates usually consist of 1-5 courses), but still demonstrates to potential employers your knowledge of green partices in your field.  There are many programs to choose from. 

Green Resume

Agriculture, Horticulture and Landscape

The University of Mass., Amherst, Extension Program offers a "Green School" Certificate program for landscapers, arborists, and horticulture specialists to "learn about sustainable approaches to turf and landscape management and tree care, making environmentally appropriate decisions related to turf and plant selection, arboriculture, plant maintenance, and pest and nutrient management."  Santa Barbara, California, offers a "Green Gardener" certificate which teaches how to efficiently use resources and decrease pollution. The University of Washington has programs in "Stream Restoration" and "Wetland Science." Rutgers continuing studies in New Jersey offers a continuing education program in "Agribusiness and Environmental Management"


There are also many programs geared toward the construction industry. San Diego State University offers certificate training in "Green Building Construction," and "Green Home Performance." The University of California, Riverside, offers  a certificate in "Sustainable Development and Green Design" which "introduces the concepts and principles of sustainability through green building design, clean technologies, and innovative approaches." Similarly, The University of Tennessee offers a "Sustainable Design and Green Building" Certification which prepares candidates for the LEED examination.  The University of Washington has a certificate in "Urban Green Infrastructure" and another in "Low Impact Design." Colorado State has an online "Green Construction" certificate


San Diego State University offers a certificate in "Sustainable Practices" which prepares students to apply heir business know-how to green industries, as well as to examine the social and environmental impact of business solutions. The University of Washington has programs in "Environmental Law and Regulation" as well as "Organizational Strategies for Sustainability."  Prepare yourself for ajob as a "Green Cosultant" who evaluates businesses and homes through BecomingGreenInc's training program. Anaheim University offers 100% online certificate, and more intensive diplomas, in "Sustainable Management" which allows individuals to evaluate a business impact on the planet and community while still making a prfoit. 

Green Energy

San Diego State University  has a "Green Energy Practices" certificate programs which teaches best practices in the field of green energy.  It allows students to make informed decisions about multiple forms of green energy in their projects and community. For jobs in the solar industry in particular, most states have quite stringent certification requirements.  The most versatile and reputable certification is the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners or NABCEP. NABCEP offers certificates n PV and solar sales, PV installation, thermal solar installation, and small wind installation