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Greenpeace Protesting North Sea Chevron-Owned Drill Ship

Greenpeace protest in the Shetland IslandsGreenpeace Activists boarded an oil drilling ship near the Shetland Isles.  They spent Tuesday night in a tent attached by ropes from the anchor chain of the Stena Carron drill ship, which is owned Chevron.  The group attached "survival pod" (see picture of it here) where they intend to live for a month.  They are protected from the elements of the sea and they have enough food and water to last a month.  

Greenpeace is campaigning for a cessation of North Sea drilling to prevent another oil spill.

A Chevron spokesperson said that the Greenpeace protest is "foolhardy" and a "reckless publicity stunt."

Keep up to date with their campaign at  You can also tweet messages directly to their ship at gp_espy.