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Grey Is The New Green

Green is the colour associated with the environment, but why not grey? Used and grey bathwater can look pretty unpleasant, but in the coming decades the thought of our bathwater being recycled may become increasingly more common. There are already a number of methods in place that can facilitate the recycling of water which we use in the home. 

Grey water is water that is recycled, typically the water that's used for washing clothes and dishes, and/or for showering and bathing. There are a number of methods used to prevent the water from being wasted, which range from a simple bucket to the type of grey water recycling system made by the likes of Lowara and Armstrong. Grey water systems are one clever way through which water can be recycled. These systems can be used to redirect water from butts, and redirect used bathwater and washing machine water, to create a water system that caters for the needs of everyone in a home.When water is recycled it cuts down on water usage, which is handy for you and I when it comes to reducing water bills - unless our water is unmetred. Of more importance in the wider scheme of things is the need to conserve water for environmental reasons. With such a massive and rising human population, water is becoming increasingly prized, and the need to conserve water may not be an option come the middle of this century. It could well be imposed upon us!

In the typical family home there are three types of water - white, black and grey. White water is pure, unused water, black water is not something you'd really want to see reused in the home, as its sewage. Grey water is used water, but is the type of water, unlike black, we'd feel okay handling!

There are estimates that reused grey water can result in a whopping 18,000 litres of water being saved in a single year, and that's just for one person. Overall, that figure would cover around a third of the water that a whole household would use.

As well as advanced grey water recycling system another method of recycling water is by having outlet pipes installed, and which run from the kitchen or bathroom. But for a more low tech option a bucket will still suffice. 

There does need to be some common sense applied, however, with regard with how we use grey water, particularly on the garden. A detergent for a washing machine, that's utilized for grey water, should be low in sodium, so as not to have an adverse reaction on life in the garden.

Image by Miss a Liss aka Missie