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Hair Dryers and Energy Consumption

I generally only blow dry my hair in the winter (I live in the Northeast, and in the summertime blow drying my frizz in the humidity is totally useless!) and blow drying my hair is something that I had never really thought much about in terms of energy consumption.  Until recently, that is.  

When it comes to going green, I try to ask myself if things that I do or use are necessary.  For instance...paper napkins, paper towels?  Unnecessary.  It suddenly dawned on me that blow drying my hair is really an unnecessary use of energy.  My hair will dry on its own.

An article from 2008 in Mother Earth News touches upon the energy consumption for hair dryers.  

I also found that there are green alternatives to the traditional hair dryer:  Babybliss Eco Hair-Dryer, BARBAR Blow Dryer, and there's also one by Vidal Sassoon.  So, when you've just gotta blow dry your hair, use one of those types of dryers.