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Harley Davidson releasing electric motorbike

Harley-Davidson electric bikeHarley Davidson is one of the most well-known and well established brands in the motorbike industry. From the XL Sportster to the Fatboy, Harley Davidson has produced some of the most iconic vehicles in the world. However, their latest venture may come as a surprise. The Wisconsin-based company, in a rather bold move, has announced Project LiveWire, its very first electric motorbike. 

In 2013 there was an enormous upswing in electric car sales and this trend seems likely to continue. Overall sales of electric cars are thought to rise to 2.7 million by the year 2018. Harley Davidson are putting their money in the right place if they want to continue to develop as a brand.

Harley Davidson’s President, Matt Levatich said of the announcement: 

 “We think that the trends in both EV [Electric Vehicle] technology and customer openness to EV products, both automotive and motorcycles, is only going to increase, and when you think about sustainability and environmental trends, we just see that being an increasing part of the lifestyle and the requirements of riders.” 

Harley Davidson are not the only manufacturer working on electric vehicles at the moment. Earlier this year Audi announced that they too would be developing a brand new electric car, named the R8 E-Tron. 

The fact that large car manufacturers are now developing fully electric cars, and not just hybrids, is an indication of the change in attitude that surround electric vehicles. It also demonstrates their commitment to the technology which could, in the future, become the primary mode of powering vehicles across the country, and potentially the world. 

Even more positively, electric cars are receiving similar coverage to normal vehicles in magazines and websites, including the BBC’s flagship car magazine Top Gear, who have begun to review electric cars. 

It has even reached a point now where electric cars have begun to appear on used car websites. has begun to sell a great selection of second-hand vehicles, including hybrid and fully electrical cars. 

The announcement that Harley Davidson are now moving into the electric vehicle market, whilst surprising at first, is not surprising in the long run. Electric vehicles are fast becoming popular and whilst we cannot predict the future, it seems that, for now, they are here to stay.