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Have a Holly Jolly & Green Holiday

The holiday season is here and it's easy to fall into the pattern of consumption and waste.  I just wanted to recap some of last year's green holiday posts:

  • Real or Fake Christmas Trees?  Real!  Artificial trees are bad for the environment, since they are usually made of PVC and can be difficult to dispose.  Christmas tree farms exist just to grow Christmas trees, so you're not depleting a forest.  Find one that you can replant in your yard.  If not, you can compost one or turn it into mulch.
  • Have fun with green gift shopping.  Buy crafts from local artisans, buy a loved one a CSA membership, or give organic fair trade chocolate to the chocolate lover in your family.   Get creative and enjoy yourself!
  • Discover green gift wrap options.  Use fabric or tote bags or something fun like that!