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Help Hell&Lula's Bus Run on Veggie Oil!

Hell&LulaHell&LulaIndie/electro band Hell&Lula not only makes awesomely danceable music; they care deeply about the environment, too.  They are currently running a PledgeMusic campaign to help their Cool Bus, a converted school bus, run on waste vegetable oil (WVO) from restaurants.  Check out their PledgeMusic page to donate some money and get cool stuff while you're at it!  

Converting a diesel bus to run on WVO is expensive, so they're seeking the help of fans to help raise funds.  However, once the conversion is complete, using WVO will cut their fuel costs up to 90%!  They'll be able to collect veggie oil from restaurants throughout their tour for free.

This isn't the only eco-initiative that these big-hearted musicians are promoting.  In addition to converting their Cool Bus, they developed a Recycled Merchandise Program and promote Falling Whistles, a non-profit working towards peace in the Congo.  After reaching their target for the Cool Bus pledge, Hell&Lula plans to donate 20% of the proceeds to Falling Whistle.