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Hip Green American Hostels, Van Jones and Green Jobs

Welcome back to a another edition of Wednesday Quick Hits, where we at KeenforGreen search the internet for some of the best bits of blogging the world has to offer. As I scan articles a great realization dawns on me, some of the most interesting articles that I found are in blogs. I think in blogs, even corporate ones, you find a great deal of experimenting with topics. This gives you the feeling of ideas, but maybe not fully formed articles as you would find in traditional media outlets. I love a good article because it is well researched but sometimes an idea is simply more raw and fascinating. Just a few quick thoughts and you can agree or disagree if you like. Now on to the show...

Hip Green Hostels

12 Hip Green Hostels in North America: Treehugger treats us to another wonderful article showcasing how we can go green in our own life. This time they feature the perfect summer list with hip green hostels across North America. Jennifer Hattam produces a list that shows all the different types of green hostels you can do, urban to desolation, touring to partying, beach to desert. Ms. Hattam lists has a little something for everyone. Check out picture above of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel which was certified as a Bay Area Green Business Program and includes a hot tub with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Sweet!

Solar Manufacturers: More Solar Robots, Less Green Jobs: Earth2Tech is providing a follow-up piece to their initial thoughts on the Intersolar Conference, which I commented on here. Katie Fehrenbacher writes that the solar industry, a beacon of job growth in the economy, is moving swiftly to automation. Why put robots in jobs for humans? It is all about costs and making solar prices more on parity with traditional energy. Still, I hope this takes a while and a few more people can get work from the solar companies. People need these jobs.

Van Jones - Green Job Guru or Communist

Green Jobs Czar Van Jones Is a Communist and Black Nationalist: Don't say that I favor one side of the political spectrum over the other. The Right Wing News has a blog accusing Van Jones of being a communist. "Jones is a San Francisco extremist who admits to having been "radicalized in jail." There then is an equation o f communism to environmentalism and a reference to Jones as a "evil kook." Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?

Sarah Palin's Green Ideas

Palin Slams Obama's Energy Plan: Kate Galbraith of the New York Time's Green Inc. Blog is reporting on comments made by Gov. Sarah Palin regarding President Obama's cap and trade program. In the remarks she states that Obama's program will outsource our energy needs "to China, Russia and Saudi Arabia." Do you think this woman is staying in the headlines for some reason? 2012 is not too far away....

China becoming a big green protectionist machine: Could the biggest market for green technologies be locking out foreign competitors? Well according to Alex Salkever of the Daily Finance this is occurring right now. Most regulations in China currently require 70 percent of the production process for green energy equipment be located in China. The protectionism is so bad that European and American companies are simply not bidding on projects anymore. Hopefully, this is only a temporary situation but with an autocratic government in power this is only a hope.

How Natural and Organic is Your Eyeshadow?: Finally, we move on to Greendaily which asks that serious question - how green is your eye shadow? It is a quick tip based piece with very little substance, but still made me smile. Weird because I don't use eye shadow.... or do I?