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Homemade Baby Food: Getting Started

If you're thinking about making homemade baby food for your little one, it's so easy and cheap cheap cheap.   Here's what you need to do to get started:

- Have your baby try different types of food.  I didn't want to make a huge batch of squash, only to find out that my baby hates squash.  Before making our own baby food, I bought a few jars of different types to get a feel for what my baby likes.    For store-bought baby food, I like Earth's Best the most.  I also like that they come in glass jars, which you can reuse for your own homemade baby food.  Wild Harvest and Beech Nut also still come in glass jars; Gerber Organic comes in plastic containers.


- Find recipes.     I have a few cookbooks for making baby food, but my favorite is Cooking for Baby by Lisa Barnes.   It has recipes for little babies just learning to eat solids and it goes right through to toddlerhood, which has recipes that I am thinking about trying for myself.  (Hummus, mac and cheese, etc.)  The best online resource for homemade baby food and for baby food recipes is Wholesome Baby Food.  

- Buy something that you can puree food with.  We have a Cuisinart Hand Blender.  

- Get some extra ice cube trays.  This is the easiest way to freeze your baby food.  Never freeze the food in glass!

- Buy a mesh food feeder.  These things are awesome.  You can put food in it, and only the smallest bits come through the mesh.  We put some homemade applesauce in it, and the baby loved feeding himself and he was able to eat on his own!

- Go shopping!  Stock up on peas, squash, and more.   ( according to what can be made into baby food.  We planted peas and string beans all along the fence just for this purpose.) 

Also, if you're concerned about nitrates in homemade baby food such as carrots, Earth's Best baby food is almost always on sale at Babies R Us.  I got a pack of 12 jars of carrots for only five bucks!