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Honda Will Launch Three Hybrids

According to the folks at Gearlog, Honda is planning a big push into the hybrid market.  The plan is an effort to catch up with Toyota and Ford's aggressive entry into the hybrid market, while staving off competition from GM, Daimler & Hyundai.  The three separate hybrid vehicles seek to encompass three sectors of the current car market.

Honda Hybrid

The first vehicle is five door hatchback hybrid.  This model will be smaller than the current
Civic and is designed as a market competitor to the Toyota Prius.

Next, Honda will create a sports car with a new CR-Z.  This car will borrow heavily from the design of the current CRX.  What makes this car interesting is that it will remain a stick even as a hybrid.  This is exciting to since now you can actually have control over your car while being gas efficient.  (On another note, once you get good with using a stick you can save a great deal on gas compared to an automatic.)

Lastly comes a hybrid Fit in 2015.  A lot is pinned on this re-engineered small economy class vehicle, since Honda has publicly stated that the new hybrid technology cannot add more than $2000 to the vehicle's current cost.  This is a very ambitious statement and may be possible to meet in the six years before launch.  I still wouldn't put any money on it.

The only hole that is easily visible from the current line of products is a sedan.  I am not sure if Honda is purposefully conceding this area or awaiting a better time to announce a model.  Honda has always been a cautious company so I don't think they will release any information on this possible car until they are far into the design stages.