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How to Become a Home Energy Survey Professional

The green industry is full of opportunity for individuals willing to take on the challenge – which includes obtaining the proper green job training and certifications.  Of the many green career paths you can take, becoming a Home Energy Survey Professional may yield the rewarding fulfillment you seek from entering the green industry. 

So what does a Home Energy Survey Professional do?  After obtaining the required certification (more on that to come), a Home Energy Survey Professional will conduct a review of the energy features of a building to determine its overall efficiency. The survey typically covers envelope features, equipment types, appliances and lighting characteristics and more.  In some cases, they survey will also assess utility use and the billing history. 

Once the inspection is complete, the trained professional determines where energy is being wasted and provides advice to the building owner/resident on which changes would be the most beneficial and yield the greatest energy savings.

Imagine having a career that helps families save money every year just by implementing your energy-saving suggestions – whether it's installing a tankless water hear, utilizing solar electricity or replacing an energy-guzzling refrigerator.  Even more rewarding is the fact that everyday, as a Home Energy Survey Professional, you are contributing to a greener planet by helping families and businesses identify ways to reduce their carbon foot print.  This is the kind of job your mom would be proud of!

So now that your interest is peaked, you might be wondering how to break into this industry.  Start with green career training and begin building a foundation of knowledge that will serve you well as a Home Energy Survey Professional.  And when it comes to training, you have the option of a traditional classroom setting or an online program, which has major benefits. 

The majority of online career training programs will allow students to create their own study schedules, which may be ideal for individuals who want to transition into the green industry, but must continue to work while they train. Whether you choose an online course or a traditional classroom setting, make sure the school is properly accredited. It's your assurance that your hard-earned money is being spent on approved training materials. In a home energy survey career training course, topics may include: different types of energy surveys; how to properly seal a duct system; common diagnostic equipment; types of insulation and proper installation methods; and more. The goal of taking your course and mastering the topics is to prepare for the RESNET Home Energy Survey Professional  test and earn your certification.

The Home Energy Survey Professional Test is an online 50 question exam with a maximum test time of two hours. The test requires a proctor, costs about $50, is open book and instantly graded.  Passing score is 75%.

Passing the Home Energy Survey Professional Test and obtaining your certification is vital to your success in this field.  It will show potential employers and clients alike that you have the proper training required to conduct an energy survey. 

One thing to note – a training course is not a prerequisite to taking the RESNET Home Energy Survey Professional Test. However, taking a training course is a smart way to refresh your skills if you are already in a related career field, or if you're new, understandably necessary to your success.