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How to Choose a Home Energy Audit Contractor

Audit contractor

All homes over 20 years old deserve to have a home energy audit conducted. Energy standards of new construction have changed significantly over the past 20-30. Over time, air leaks can develop throughout the house and appliances become less efficient. Choosing a home energy audit contractor can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Start with your city or states energy office/department. Often they have a list of companies they recommend for home audits.


  • Check with your gas and electric company.  They too may have some recommended contractors for your home energy audit.


  • Google, Yelp, and your old fashioned phone book should have comprehensive lists of specialized contractors.


  • Call at least 3-4 contractors to get an idea of what is out there.


  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints against the contractors.


  • Ask the contractor how they received their training. There are many programs that certify contractors in home energy auditing, but most contractors are not certified.


  • Ask how long they have been conducting home energy audits.


  • Ask what kind of final report they will be putting together for you and if you can see an example.


  • Ask what tools they will be using to conduct the assessment. They should use a thermographic (infrared) scanner and a calibrated blower door in addition to “standard” tools.


  • Ask for references and actually call and check on them.  Make sure people were satisfied with the work conducted. Ask how long the audit took and what the final report was like.