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How To Garden Green - With Professionals or On Your Own

So once again we reached the end of the week and hopefully everyone made it through safely and happily.  As the weekend begins many of us involved with the environmental movement are also people with green thumbs.  With this in mind I decided to focus our fun Friday on Gardening.  I hope these links give you some great ideas or help you fill your gardening needs.  Get out there and play in the dirt!.

Green Landscaping Solutions For The Bay Area: CK Management Systems: How many of us want to get rid of those toxic fertilizers but just love the green in our lawn.  What if I told you that there was a solution and it is now available for the regular home owner.  CK Management Solutions provides bay area residents the chance to experience fertigation, organic bio-stimulants through the irrigation system.  Following the link to learn more.

CK Management Systems -

Does Gardening Make for Better Sex?: Could planting annuals help with excitement in the bedroom?  This article, from Chelsea Green, argues yes.  I really can't explain it without going a little red, so just follow the link.  Shucks.

Enjoying Green Grass

How to Go Green: Gardening: Planet Earth is providing a great little guide to some simple 'greening' your garden.  From tips to information to helpful links, this blog has it all.  Go over, take a gander and then search for more hints here at

5 Common Myths About Gardening:
Green Garden breaks down five common myths that people have about sustainable gardening and provides some great answers.  The blog lists some of the benefits also including it gives you time to think, it provides physical activity and physical development and it is outside which helps tune in with nature and is good for health.

The Rain/Rock Garden: Gardening Gone Wild is showing off their beautiful rock garden in this, one in a series of posts.  A great low maintenance alternative to a regular garden for those whose green thumb might be a little bit brown.  Hey, you can't kill the rock!