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How to Make Your Own Air Fresheners

Recently at work, someone sprayed Lysol somewhere and I thought I was going to gag.  It smelled awful.  So synthetic and toxic and the entire floor smelled of it.

A few days later, Sean blogged about how harmful synthetic air fresheners are.  It led me to wonder why people even use things like Lysol.  There are so many natural ways to freshen your air.

First, I'm a big fan of freshening air the old fashioned way -- by just opening a window.  OK, well, when it's 85 degrees and ridiculously humid like it is here in Boston today, that won't bring fresh air inside, but otherwise, it's a great idea.  I'll even do this when it's chilly out; when the air feels cool, crisp, and fresh. 

Oh, and remember our good friend baking soda? Don't forget, you can clean your carpet with it, and it removes all sorts of odors without any artificial scents.  And for fellow cat lovers, if you sprinkle it on the bottom of the kitty litter pan, it can help with all of the icky odors associated with that. 

And baking soda's good ol' BFF, vinegar,  can also help neutralize odors.  You can put it in a spray bottle and spray around to get rid of the stink.  Some people don't care for the smell of vinegar (my husband thinks it smells somewhat akin to feet), so an alternative is combining witch hazel and essential oils.  This is something you can keep in the bathroom!

What about car air fresheners?  Try dipping some fabric into an essential oil and keeping it in your car.   It may not be as cute as something shaped like Tweety bird, but I'm sure it smells better!  If you're crafty, maybe you can even make them look fun.

You can also make your own potpourri

My FAVORITE way to make my house smell good (especially in the fall and winter) is to have hot apple cider going in the Crock Pot.  I pour fresh apple cider and cinnamon sticks (cloves in cheesecloth work, too) into the Crock Pot and let it go.  You can also add oranges, lemons, brown sugar, rum, or brandy.  It makes the house smell great for days...and you can drink it, too!

There's really no need to buy synthetic air fresheners.  There are so many ways you can make your house smell clean, fresh, and pleasant without them!