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How to Recycle Your Unwanted Christmas Presents

So Christmas day rolled around at last and you were so excited to finally unwrap those shiny parcels twinkling wickedly at you from underneath the Christmas tree. But what if what you unwrapped was not everything your heart desired? What if – and don’t be shy here – you simply hated it? Now that it’s safely post-Christmas, we bring you our top tips on the best ways to recycle those lovingly gifted but simply off-the-mark presents.


Regift it

This one can be tricky! Don’t fall into the obvious trap of accidentally giving your unwanted present back to the very person who bought it for you. Combat this by jotting down who got you what and hopefully you’ll never make the ultimate gift faux pas. The golden rule with regifting is to make sure you give your unwanted present to someone who would actually like it - no palming it off at the first opportunity!

Swap it

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, there are now sites available where you can actually swap your gifts for either money or another gift that you prefer- check out to recycle your unwanted gift cards. If you like to be a little more old fashioned, you could always arrange a gift swapping party with your friends where you all bring your unloved presents and swap them with each other’s. As with regifting, just be careful who you invite! 

Sell it

One person’s unwanted treasure is someone else’s dream present. With this in mind, one option you have is to simply sell your gift on – this can still count as recycling! Websites such as eBay and Amazon are excellent for this, even giving you the chance to make some money from your gift misfortune. With a bit of luck, your present will sell well and whole process will remain suitably anonymous - and therefore guilt-free. 

Refund it

Many stores are more relaxed about refunds over the Christmas period, and often extend the window in which they accept returns well into January. If you were lucky enough to get a gift receipt in with your unwanted present, the returns process will be simple. If not, you can either summon the courage to ask for the original receipt from your kind but misdirected gift giver or you can try the store itself – they’ll often give exchanges or gift vouchers to the same value and soon someone else can be enjoying your present. 

Charity Shop it

If all else fails or you simply feel too guilty to do any of the above, a charity shop is a failsafe way to recycle your gift and even makes you feel good about yourself. Charity shops are always in need of good stock and this way you can be safe in the knowledge that - even by ridding yourself of an unwanted present - you’re doing something for a good cause!


Author Bio

Josie is a fashion blogger for Miinto where you can find style inspiration and clothing.