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How to Save Money on Wedding Invitations and More on Bridal Dress

The budget for a wedding celebration is based on priorities. The wedding venue is always at the top spot along with the food and drinks, photographer, videographer and decorations. Where is the budget for the bridal dress? It is often down the list of priorities. Brides should be the center of attention during this super special day. This is why the bride should look spectacular at this once in a lifetime event. So to have enough budget for that perfect wedding gown, you may think of minimizing expenses for less important details, such as the wedding invitations.


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Many couples opt to seek the service of professional wedding invitation designer for convenience. The only thing they have to do is to decide which particular design to select. If you want to save money on the wedding invitations, why not consider a do-it-yourself project? With creativity and time, you can create distinct wedding invitations without spending too much money.


Wedding invitation materials are available in arts and crafts shops. But if you want to really cut down on your expenses, there are materials you can find at home for this project. Check your recycling for additional items that you might be able to use.


Here are some DIY wedding invitation ideas crafted from recyclable materials.


Message in a Bottle


Collect glass bottles with wider openings, like liquor drinks, ketchup bottles and soy sauce bottles. Or you may also use jars if there are only a few bottles available at home. You may opt for similar bottle sizes or a combination of different sizes. Wash the bottles inside and outside, then let them dry. Make sure to rip off the product label wrapped around the bottles.



Sand/rice grains

Colored papers

Linen paper

Ribbons (color may vary according to motif)

1/16” diameter cord (color based on motif)


Glue stick and glue gun

Other decorations like lace, bow, tiny flowers, etc.


Designing Procedure:


  • Fill the bottles with sand about half way. You may also use rice grains if sand is not available.

  • Cut 1-inch squares of colored papers, roll each of them and put at least five rolls in every bottle to add colors

  • Decorate the bottle with ribbon, bow, lace, colorful twines and other embellishments using the glue gun. Be sure not to cover the body of the bottle

  • Print the marriage ceremony details in a linen paper, roll it, tie a cord around and put it inside the bottle

  • Write the guest name on the card

  • Make a small hole in one side of the card and insert a 5-inch long cord

  • Tie the cord around the neck then it is done.


Soda Can Invitation


If you are not fond of drinking soda, you can collect soda cans from friends and neighbors. Do not hesitate to ask because it has a positive consequence, which is helping them reduce their trash. Once you have gathered enough soda cans, wash them and let them dry.



Soda cans

Linen paper


Small card

1/16” diameter cord

Decorative items, like bow and flowers




  • Print the wedding details in a colored linen paper. Be creative in designing since this will serve as the label of the soda can

  • Wrap the printed paper around the soda can (be sure that it is properly glued)

  • Write the name of the guest on the card and make a small hole in one side

  • Attach the card to the cord and secure it in the soda can tab

  • Add decoration at the top part of the can


Wedding invitations made from recyclable materials will surely catch the attention of the guests. These unique invitations can be a lifelong memento of your special day, so there is no need to buy wedding souvenirs. See how much you can save? Now you have enough budget to buy the most beautiful bridal dress,such as from Prom Outfitters.