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Hybrid Cabs in Boston

Last year, the City of Boston ordered that all cabs must be converted to hybrids by 2015.  However, last April, taxi drivers sued the city over this and today the judge ruled that Boston cannot force cabbies to buy hybrids.

Currently, most of the taxis are refurbished police cars (mostly Crown Victorias) and cab owners are required to keep all cabs in their fleet under 6 years old.  The taxi drivers said that this ordinance could put them out of business and that they aren't against ultimately greening the fleet.

There are hybrid taxis available in Boston right now and hopefully over time there will be even more.  Unfortunately, the cabs in Greater Boston are also often prohibitively expensive.  For instance, I live 14 miles from the airport and a one way cab ride costs close to $50.

In a city without 24/7 public transportation, I think having reasonable taxi rates are really important.  If I expect to have a late evening in Boston, I have to drive because if I take public transportation, I can't spend $50 just to come home afterwards.

Maybe the City of Boston could provide financial incentives for these taxi fleets to go green over time, and hopefully hybrid costs will also go down making it more feasible for cab companies to green their fleets.