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The Importance of Home Air Filters

The Importance of Home Air Filters


Air pollution is a concept that we all are very aware of. We’re exposed to so much of it as we go about in our day to day lives that, to some, it’s become a part of life that just isn’t avoidable. While there are definitely ways to counter some of the air pollution that we are exposed to outdoors, there a lot more that we can do with the air pollution that is present indoors.


Yes, indoor air pollution exists. In fact, over the years, there have been scientific proofs that would support the claim that the air you breathe in indoors can be even more polluted than what you breathe outdoors. It’s a risk to health, particularly for those who already have respiratory problems to live with. This is where air filters come in. Read on to know more about the importance of air filters in your home.


1. Outdoor air can get into your home and affect indoor air quality.

No matter how tightly you shut the windows in your home, outdoor air can still make its way inside. With every opening of the main door, polluted air from outside can also make its way in, which adds to the pollution already present indoors. This can be risky for families that have members suffering from asthma or other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.


2. Air filters screen the air that is circulated throughout your home.

Like their name suggest, air filters filter or screen the air that circulates indoors. Indoor air goes through the filter, which removes dust, particulates, or even bacteria so that the filtered air that goes back into circulation is cleaner. Cleaner air is healthier air, and healthy air means good indoor air quality that is safe for the entire family.


3. Some air filters can get rid of harmful viruses.

While most air filters can get rid of particulates and bacteria found in indoor air, there are air filters that are made specifically for those who suffer from respiratory problems. They work better than regular air filters in that they can also screen out viruses that could cause diseases such as the flu, hence, ensuring better air quality inside the home.


4. Air filters can help keep your HVAC system running longer.

Your HVAC system and furnaces need air filters. However, it is also best to keep in mind that these air filters need to be changed regularly in order to make sure that they can keep filtering out harmful particles in the air. Not seeing to its regular replacement could lead to the HVAC system needing to work harder just to filter and circulate clean air inside the house, which could in turn shorten its life span – something that could definitely cost a lot of money to repair or replace.


Air filters can keep the quality of air indoors healthy, and are vital parts of your home’s HVAC and furnace systems. They come in different sizes and shapes, so when planning to buy replacements, be sure to check out the best air filter sizes for your system before heading out to the store to make the purchase.