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Insights into Green Travel from a Commercial Contractor

To many businesses in the travel and hospitality industry today, it's all about becoming LEED certified. Formally I was an independent contractor. However it's been more interesting to get involved with green building materials and helping businesses become more energy efficient. I think that those businesses, which go beyond LEED certified, should be celebrated for doing more than the normal. 

There are a variety of things that people can do for conservation, self-sustaining facilities and resource efficiency, as well as community development. These types of categories are all what you will find in The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards. Many of the businesses are also awarded for cultural awareness, local events, wildlife conservation and community engagement. Awards can be earned from doing something simple as serving local ingredients at their businesses or incorporating self-sustaining or energy conscious building practices and materials. As one example, organizations can do this by installing automatic shut off valves for showers at hotels. There are many other ways that hotels can save on resources. One of the top destinations in America knows that better than anyone else. 

Last year, over 120,000 hotel rooms and 40,000,000 visitors went to the bright lights, big city oasis known as Las Vegas. In this town, it can be hard to see how lavish displays at various hotels in Las Vegas are backed up by LEED certified components, but it's true. There are more eco-friendly hotels in this city than in any other. Las Vegas Palazzo Resort won "The Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America" award for its self-sustaining practices and reusable waste. It's hotels like this that are doing more for responsible tourism, which should be celebrated. There are other big cities with lots of hotels that should also consider what they could do for a better environment beyond getting LEED certified.

The Big Apple has more hotels than most big cities. After all, it's one of those cities that most people in the world love visiting. There are also a ton of hotels in this city that are doing something for the green travel movement. The ink48 Hotel has done a lot for responsible tourism. Their program Earthcare offers a way for members to talk about how they can make a positive difference on the environment. This isn't limited to green travel or responsible tourism, but it really just promotes the idea of taking care of the planet while we're here. 

I'm extremely proud to be a part of this movement and do more for the Earth in whatever that I can. With the right attitude, I truly think that we can affect change for the future and make a positive impact on the planet in the way that we operate, build and interact with our communities.