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Keep That Soap Out of the Shower

What is that soap you use really made out of?  How organic is that orange or purple brick in the soap tray?   Well the daily greening is giving you an easy tip to help green the basin and shower.  Many of you following KeenforGreen prefer to use anti-bacterial soap in your bathroom then take a minute before you make the next purchases.  Look for tea tree oil, neem oil and aloe vera instead, natural anti-bacterial ingredients.

Tea tree oil, neem, aloe vera are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory herbal products. These three ingredients work best with specific ailments that they work best in.  Neem has blood purifying qualities.  Tea tree oil and Aloe Vera soften and naturally buffs your skin .  These natural ingredients are much less likely to cause irritation such as their synthetic cousins, but also provide a chance to stop the flow of pollutants down the drain.


Green Soap - Keen For Green

So go get this great soap and other eco-friendly choices here