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The Little Cleaning Box

I just had the wonderful opportunity to sample The Little Cleaning Box.  

The Little Cleaning Box is a service where you receive a box filled with green cleaning samples four times a year.  You can try out the samples and decide which are your favorites before buying more.  I love it because sometimes when I purchase cleaning supplies, I end up disappointed in them because they don't clean well or I like the product but not the scent.  This can help you figure out exactly what to buy.

The products in The Little Cleaning Box are top-notch green cleaning supplies.  Leslie Reichert, author of the fabulous book The Joy of Green Cleaning, has hand-picked these products so she knows that they actually work.   I know a lot of people are skeptical about green cleaners (some don't clean well, some aren't as green as they say) but with this service, you know that what you're getting is quality.  

Leslie explains:  "My mission is to get new green products into the hands of people so they can learn that they really do work. I have been in cleaning for a long time and I have personal experience of the bad side effects that can occur from toxic cleaners. I've developed The Little Cleaning Box because people love to try before they buy."

It's totally affordable, too -- only $10 every 90 days.

My little box came with a bunch of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day samples (which I love), Just Bee Dryer Bags, and a sample of Modern Mermaid cleaner.  It came in an adorably decorated cardboard box.  

I'm definitely a fan.  Makes a good gift, too.