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Living Green House , Sustainable Spaces Energy Audit & Other Green News

Hi everyone and I hope you slept well last night.  I almost thought I wouldn't be writing this morning due to my wife going into labor.  It was just a false alarm (and a lot of throwing up) so let me help you navigate the expanse of green news coming from traditional media outlets.

Core4 Systems

Green Data Centers: Core4 Launches Efficient Cooling Gear: Do you know the problems with data centers is?  They consume huge amounts of electricity.  According to an article by Reuters International data centers consumed more energy than the entire country of Iran (See the Green Revolution) in 2005 and energy usage is expected to increase by 73% by the year 2010.  Core4, a new start-up, is addressing this issue head on by tackling the largest user of energy for data centers; cooling tech.  An interesting new company that I will be watching in the future.

Going, going green: The Miami Herald ran an interesting piece on how a new approach is aiding families in increasing efficency and lowering power usage.  The approach being utilized by Sustainable Spaces, a California Bay Area company, is called a "whole house" approach to maximizing comfort and energy efficiency.  This means treating houses as not just a set of individual elements but as a system.  Great article by Holly Hayes about the best way to approach 'greening' your house. 

Living Green House: The Baltimore Sun did a great pictorial based piece on the new Living Green House in Virginia.  The House will open Saturday at the Virginia Living Museum and is constructed as a permanent showcase for many of the latest designs, techniques and materials employed in earth-friendly building.  This demonstration house is one of the first anywhere in the United States (like the one I previously posted about in Arizona) and the only one of its kind in Virginia.

Green Summit to Offer How, Why: Nudging Industry Into Sustainability: The Philadelphis Inquirer is highlighting a manufacturing summit set for Wednesday in Whitemarsh.  This summit will feature a collection of experts on energy, the environment, manufacturing, and finance who will answer questions about the clean technology boom.  The article goes in depth into a few companies attending the event.

Toyota Making Green Cars May Mean Destroying Japan Rice Paddie: Bloomberg is reporting Toyota is spending dramatically on a new center for environmentally friendly cars.  This center will inflict significant damage on the local environment according to activists.  In total, 691 acres will be de-forested by the new center.  If enough people actually call this "envrionmentally minded" company, possible change to these plans can be done.

Toyota Green Car Plant Site