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London Seeking Lead in Electric Cars

If you were the mayor of a major metropolitan city what would you do to aid your city on becoming the birthplace of mass adoption of electric cars?  Well, you could go and show off your fancy plan to have 25,000 electric charge system in place by 2015 to 200 of the top clean technology companies in California.  And that is just what the mayor of London did.

Mayor Boris Johnson attended an even in San Francisco today to spark enthusiasm in London and try to woo fledgling green companies with lures of infrastructure and government investment.  The only catch, is that London is also looking for investment in these projects to help get them done.  So not only was the Friday meeting marketing but also fund raising.

This comes hot on the heels of the release of their electric vehicle plan. This plan incorporates tax breaks, waivers for congestion fees and of course charging stations.  Currently, talks are ongoing between Better Place, which wants to deploy not only charge points but also battery swap stations, and London.