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Louisiana Solar Installation Rebate Incentives

The beautiful gulf state of Louisiana is home to the most generous solar tax credit in the nation. (Don't believe me? Ask residents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who took advantage of the program back '08).

The program, enacted in 2005 by the state legislature, is straightforward. Homeowners receive a tax credit of 50% of the cost off your wind or PV solar system up to $12,500. (Yup, you heard right, FIFTY PERCENT!!) Unlike other states, if you don’t owe that much in state taxes you get a check for the difference (most other states make you save the remaining credit for next year's taxes). Also, the $12,500 cap is per system, so you could duplicate it if you have multiple meters.

Once your system is in place, Lousiana offers Net-Metering. All power generated which you don't use gets credited to the customer’s next bill for residential systems up to 25kW and commercial systems up to 100kW. Credits don't have any cash value, so you won't receive a check if you produce more energy than you use over the course of the year.

In addition, your property taxes will not go up as a result of adding solar or wind systems to your property. And don't forget that in addition to the 50% you can claim on your state taxes, you can also claim 30% of the total cost of installation on your federal taxes. Combined, you can save mucho dinero.

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