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Make Your Own Cleaning Wipes

I admit it:  sometimes I like to use those disposable cleaning wipes.  I mostly use dishtowels to clean up in the kitchen, but sometimes it's just easier for me to grab a pre-moistened wipe to quickly wipe down the kitchen table and counters.  I feel guilty when I do it, because besides being wasteful, those wipes are often filled with toxic chemicals.  They're also expensive, and they come in plastic containers that ultimately need to be recycled.

One way to make it less wasteful is to make your own cleaning wipes.  

Here's what you need:

1)  A plastic container.  (One that fits about 10 cups)

2)  Paper towels.  (Recycled ones, perhaps!)  You can also use dishtowels instead of paper towels which is obviously a much greener option! 

3)  White vinegar

4)  Water

5)  Optional:  Tea tree oil and lemon essential oil

And here's how to make them:

1)  Use about half a roll of paper towels.  If you're using a cylinder container like the types the wipes come in, you can cut and entire roll of paper towels in half.  

2)  Put the vinegar, water, and essential oils in the container with the towels.  Let it sit overnight.  

And viola -- you're ready to wipe down the messes in your kitchen!  

I also found a recipe that included orange rind for scent, but I haven't tried that out yet.  


Great advice. We all get

Great advice. We all get caught up in the same habit: using those wipes, which are so convenient, but are a hazard to the environment (and our health - as you wrote - they have toxic chemicals that either accumulate in our bodies over time, or  just irritate chemically sensitive souls). Thanks for a great recipe.

No problem!  Sometimes I

No problem!  Sometimes I forget how easy and convenient it is to make cleaning products at home with things like vinegar.  

Looks like you found one of my recipes!

This sounds like one of my recipes! If you'd like more you can check the rest out at Enjoy!

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