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Making your vino green-o!

eco-friendly wineEvery autumn, we spend the day at our favorite orchard and winery, Russell Orchards in Ipswich, Massachusetts.   We take a hayride pulled by a tractor that uses their own donut grease as fuel, pick wonderful apples, and taste wine.  We have a fabulous time whenever we go and we stock up on their homemade wine.  Most of their wines ciders are made from fruit that they grow right on the farm, making the wine a localvore’s dream.  

We love the experience of visiting the orchard, but more importantly, I love the idea of drinking locally made wine made of locally grown fruit.  It definitely helps to green the wine-drinking experience.

There are many other ways to make your wine-drinking habits a tad bit greener.  It’s important to keep location in mind.  While super local wines are not always an option, be mindful of where your wine is coming from.  If you’re living in Manhattan and you love your Napa wines, it might be time to reassess.  Down the center of Ohio runs a “green wine line.”  If you live east of that line, it’s actually greener for you purchase wine from Europe, not the Western U.S.  If you live west of the line, it’s greener to purchase wine from the West Coast.  

Visiting local wineries can be a lot of fun.  Wine tasting, beautiful scenery, tours, and other wine-related activities are all keys to a good time!  All American Wineries has a directory of local wineries by state.  Some of the listings seem to be outdated, so I urge you to double check before visiting the wineries.  

There are also many organic wines available.   The Organic Consumers Association has an informative article about organic wine.  

Lastly, what about channeling your inner Lucy Riccardo and make your own wine?  Well, you don’t actually have to stomp on the grapes, but  Wine Maker Magazine does have a guide to making your first batch of wine.   Why not give it a shot?