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Michael Amaral Furniture

It's refreshing to see handmade eco-friendly furniture in a day where flimsy, particle board furniture is the norm.  I'm excited to be profiling Michael Amaral Furniture, a furniture designer and builder based out of Rhode Island.  

Why it's Keen: 

I'll let a picture of Michael's beautiful furniture speak for itself.  


'Nuff said, right?

Why it's Green:

Michael will often use salvage trees to make his furniture as well as local sawmill companies that sustainably harvest trees on their own land, which are FSC Certified.

Instead of using stains or paints, Michael uses two different methods to finish the furniture.  One is a combination of all-natural shellac, which is a sustainable product, and wipe-on polyurethane.  The second method is a natural non-toxic wipe-on penetrating oil.  Both ways are durable and the furniture will never require refinishing.   

Visit his website for more information and many more photos.  Check out his Etsy page, as well.




That's beautiful work. Thanks for the tip, Krissy.

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