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National Costume Swap Day: 10/8/11

When I was a kid, my mom would always get me those cheap, flimsy Halloween costumes.  You know the kind -- the plastic smock, a plastic mask with a rubber band.  They'd usually fall apart halfway through trick-or-treating and when the grown-ups would ask, "What are you dressed up as?" I'd have to explain that I was dressed as Barbie...until my mask broke.  I don't even think they make those kinds of costumes anymore, and thank goodness for that, because what a WASTE.  All that difficult to recycle plastic, inhaling PVC with that mask on, and only to be thrown out after just a few hours of use.  

While current costumes aren't quite as bad as the ones I grew up with in the 80s, they still can be fairly wasteful, given the fact that they are just worn once.   Not only that, Halloween costumes can also be pretty expensive!

Luckily, October 8, 2011 marks Green Halloween's National Costume Swap Day.  You can give your old Halloween costumes a second life while finding new ones for this Halloween!  These swaps are all over the U.S. and with a few in Canada.  If you don't find one near you, you can even start your own!



I love this!  SUCH a good

I love this!  SUCH a good idea.  I remember the year that we used a large recycled box and made me a wearable "refrigerator" complete with food inside  ;)



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