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New Year’s Green Resolutions You Can Try

A brand new year is on its way and we once again begin to ponder on what changes we could make to improve our lives for the next 365 days.  Being more prompt in reporting to work, spending more time with your family, being more health-conscious, we probably now have a long list of the things we hope to accomplish this time around. To make your resolutions more achievable, make sure it’s also realistic. One thing that’s surely realistic and can be easily practiced is being more environment-friendly. Here are some worthwhile New Year’s resolutions that you should seriously start considering to go green this 2014.

Ride Green

One of the contributing factors to today’s pollution is the carbon footprints left by vehicles. You can lessen this by riding green.  Whenever you can, go biking instead of driving your car. Short trips like picking a few groceries, going to the gym, or trips that don’t require hauling a lot of stuff are best for biking. You not only significantly reduce your carbon footprint, you also save money on gasoline and car maintenance, while providing yourself with a good fitness exercise. For longer trips, you don’t have to completely give up your four-wheel drive, but you must now try to consider carpooling or taking any other transportation alternative.  You can also replace your car with a more fuel-efficient model.

Eat Green

Believe it or not, cutting your meat consumption from your diet even for just two days a week can actually decrease your carbon footprint. Not only that, this practice can contribute greatly to being healthier, too! Try doing this during the weekends; you’ll eventually learn that preparing a vegetarian meal isn’t that hard. For breakfast you can try pancakes and fruits. During lunch and dinner, you can try to fix yourself a salad, bean soup, and you can even have a pizza—veggie pizza, that is. Getting fit and going green, talk about hitting two birds with one stone.
Live Green

Your home is a perfect place to start living green. There are a lot of things you and your family can practice to do this, some are really simple you won’t even notice how much you are already helping the planet while doing it. For instance, you can replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights. CFLs last longer than traditional bulbs and can cut your energy consumption by as much as 80 percent. It’s easy to install and is ultimately a time-saver since you won’t have to replace it for a long time. Before going to bed, make sure to turn off unused electronic devices like TV, computer and printer. You can also plug them into a UL-certified power strip so can simply switch the whole group off at night. If you are willing to spend a little and want take your eco-living a notch higher, you can turn your home to run green power by having solar panels installed or by having a tankless hot water heater. You can check your local energy company and see if they offer renewal options.

Work Green

At work, you can also be more conscious with your power consumption by putting your computer to sleep when you know you’ll be away for more than 20 minutes and then turning it off right before leaving the office. Also, suggest printers that are more eco-friendly and make sure to make use of scratch papers for printing drafts. You can also be more green with your office supplies by choosing ones that are using recycled materials. Brands like National Pen and others offer eco-friendly products made from recycled items or are using reusable materials.