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Nordstrom's Paperless Receipts

Receipts can be annoying.  You'll often get them for just a tiny cash purchase, and you really don't need to keep track of it.  Some people will throw them out immediately, or if you're like me you'll stick them in your purse but they end up accumulating until you have a dozen or so floating around at the bottom of your bag.   For many purchases, they're just a waste of trees.  

Meanwhile, Nordstrom is transitioning to paperless receipts.  After your purchases are rung up, the cashier will ask for your email address and your receipt will be emailed to you!

Genius!  With bills going paperless, why not receipts?  Many people do online banking, so this idea makes perfect sense.  Much easier than keeping track of crumbled paper receipts at the bottom of your purse, right?  

Another problem with receipts is that many store receipts have BPA on them.  Most people think of BPA as being in things like Tupperware containers and plastic cups, but last year, the Environmental Working Group found "high BPA loads" on receipts from a variety of stores including Whole Foods and CVS.  You may think this isn't a big deal, but the BPA from those receipts can rub off onto your hands and then be absorbed into your body.   Not good.

Let's hope some other stores follow suit.  Save trees, lessen the risk of BPA exposure, and and make your receipts easier to keep track of.  Win-win-win solution!