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November Challege: No New Plastics

Pacific Garbage PatchPacific Garbage PatchI first started thinking about plastic consumption when I read an article on about a couple who, right after they got married, pledged that they would live the first year of their married life plastic free. Then I read Plastic Nightmare by Sophie Uliano (which is required reading for anyone wanting to get fired up about the subject). Then I was horrified. I had no idea about the Pacific Garbage Patch. I started thinking about plastic as the grown-up version of the monster under the bed: we may not see it and other folks may try to tell us it's no big deal, but we know it's there...and it's growing.

Now I know it's next to impossible to go plastic free in this day and age. Within the first few minutes of waking up I encounter more plastics than I ever imagined I would: my alarm clock, my cell phone, the dog gate that keeps Shooter off my bedroom carpet, my toothbrush, the lining of Shooter's food bag, my shampoo and conditioner bottles, my shower poof, my moisturizer, all my makeup containers, the soles of my shoes, the dishes I pack my lunch in, the lining of my lunch bag, my car alarm key chain, my sunglasses, the dashboard of my car...and I'm not even out of my driveway. Thinking about all the plastics in the rest of my daily routine makes my skin crawl: pens, cups, computers, tvs, treadmills, soda bottles...the list goes on and on. Makes smugly drinking out of a Nalgene bottle seem pathetic, really, in the long run. 

My November challenge will be to bring no new plastics into my life. That includes not using any of the plastic wrap or plastic baggies sitting there, waiting to be used in my drawer. If I'm not already using a particular piece of plastic in my daily life, you won't catch me trying it out in November. And if I think I can eliminate a specific plastic from my daily life (such as my deoderant stick or toothpaste tube), you'll find me trying out alternatives this month.

What plastics are you willing to live without for the next 30 days?